Apply for Writer


  • Must be fluent in either English or French
  • Must be able to submit at least one article every other week.
  • Must have graduated High School or be Enrolled in High School.


DESCRIPTION: This position does not require any past experiences. We love adding writers who have never written before, and watching them grow! As a writer, you choose a team or teams that you’d like to write for, and you submit articles for that team to your editor. That’s it. It’s that easy. You can also sign up to be a breaking news writer. If you’re a breaking news writer, when breaking news happens with one of the teams you’re assigned for, you’ll write an article about that news. If you want to be a breaking news writer, just let your editor know.


HOW TO APPLY: Fill out the application below and press submit. Make sure you’ve typed in your email address correctly. Once you’ve submitted, your application will go to our staff desk. There, your application will be reviewed and if you qualify, you will receive an email letting you know. You will then be asked to write a sample article. To submit your sample article, just email it to the same address that contacted you before. The editors will read your article and make their decision and you will be notified accordingly. Thanks for your interest!


OPENINGS: Boston, Detroit, Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo, Florida, Tampa Bay, Ottawa, New York Rangers, New York Islanders, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Washington, Carolina, Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, Winnipeg, Colorado, Minnesota, St. Louis, Anaheim, Calgary, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Arizona, Edmonton, San Jose, and Vegas.