Apply for Twitter Admin

Twitter Admin:


  • Know how to use twitter accounts
  • Sense of humor
  • Can engage with other people

Description: You run the Twitter account for a certain team or teams. Make sure it’s active and interactive and gain as many followers as possible.


On the application: Preferred Team means the team who’s twitter account you’d like to run. So if you’re a Ducks fan and you’d like to run the Ducks Hockey Trade Central account, you’d put the Ducks down. You can run up to 3 accounts.

Openings: Tampa Bay, New Jersey, Islanders, Rangers, Pittsburgh, Washington, and Edmonton.

Once the application is received, you’ll be emailed the second application. This is the questionnaire part of the application. We can only fit 5 questions on this form so the remainder of the questions must be completed via email. Please check your email within 10 minutes of submitting this application. Thanks so much for your interest!