Apply for a Position

We’re always looking for new positions for our website. Mainly for our writing positions. All of these jobs are non-paying, as this is a non-profit organization. This is for hobby purposes and for fun.


The positions we’re looking for are Editor, Twitter Admin, Senior Writer, Writer, and Organizational Assistant. Most of these positions require previous experience with our organization. Writer and Organizational Assistant are the easiest ways to start with us, as you have a 90% chance of being welcomed aboard. Please read our job descriptions below, and if you’re interested in one of them, go ahead and apply/inquire for more information.




  • Must be fluent in either English or French
  • Must be able to submit at least one article every other week.
  • Must have graduated High School or be Enrolled in High School.


Description: This position does not require any past experiences. We love adding writers who have never written before, and watching them grow! As a writer, you choose a team or teams that you’d like to write for, and you submit articles for that team to your editor. That’s it. It’s that easy. You can also sign up to be a breaking news writer. If you’re a breaking news writer, when breaking news happens with one of the teams you’re assigned for, you’ll write an article about that news. If you want to be a breaking news writer, just let your editor know.



Twitter Admin:


  • Know how to use twitter accounts
  • Sense of humor
  • Can engage with other people


Description: You run the Twitter account for a certain team. Make sure it’s active and interactive and gain as many followers as possible.


To apply, Click Here

Organizational Assistant:


  • Must be organized
  • Must be responsible


Description: You’ll be helping out the Editor-in-Chief and the editors. If they need you to find out something they can ask you, if they need you to contact someone they can ask you, if they need you to organize files they can ask you. It’s a good preview position to see how things work around here.



Email and we’ll get you set up.



  • Must have been a Senior Writer for at least 6 months.
  • Must have been with the organization for at least 9 months.
  • Must be available on a moments notice.
  • Must be willing to edit material almost 24/7.


Description: Editors edit all the stories submitted for the certain team(s) they’re assigned to. They must stay in constant contact with the Editor-in-Chief. During Breaking News situation for their team(s), they need to be ready to edit a story, or tell the Editor-in-Chief that they are not available.



Email and tell us you’d like to apply for editor and we’ll send you more information/start the interview.


Senior Writer:


  • Must have been a writer for at least 3 months
  • Must have been in the organization for at least 3 months
  • Must be available on a moments notice
  • Will be responsible for all Breaking News stories for your assigned team
  • Will need to submit at least 2 articles a week


Description: You will be the lead writer for your team. You’ll need to be ready to write at least 2 articles a week, and be ready to write breaking news stories. Your Editor and the Editor-in-Chief will need your phone number in order to contact you for a breaking news story. You will be responsible for writing breaking news stories for your team within 30 minutes of the news breaking.






 Chain of Command:

  1. Editor-in-Chief
  2. Team Editor
  3. Team Senior Writer
  4. Team Writer
  5. Organizational Assistant


Twitter Admins will be separate from the writing staff and will only need to answer to the Editor-in-Chief.