Roy Resigns – Rough End in Denver

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By Brennan Boudreau

Colorado Avalanche Writer

Toronto Maple Leafs Writer


In a complete sideswipe to the Avalanche organization, Patrick Roy announced he would be leaving the club a month before preseason begins. This afternoon TVA Sports reported that head coach Patrick Roy would be stepping down from both his head coach position and his VP of Hockey Operations position with the Avalanche, ending his time with the organization. In his three years with the Avalanche he had a coaching record 130-92-24 which is fairly misleading considering that record is inflated from his first year where the team out performed expectations and flew into the playoffs on Semyon Varlamov’s back.
The first word didn’t come from the Avalanche organization; instead Patrick Roy released this information himself, signalling a rough end between him and the organization in spite of his words about always being committed to the Avs. Rumour has it that he was dissatisfied with the decisions that were happening in the front office.
Personal speculation circle around either his want for Alexander Radulov or his comments on Matt Duchene, the skilled centre in Denver, at the end of the 2015-16 season.
Joe Sakic, GM and President of Hockey Operation for the Avalanche, did say at the end of last season that Patrick Roy would not be fired after his 2nd lack luster season in the position. However, it seems in-spite of Sakic’s trust in Roy, the two decided to part ways. Sakic told reporters that he was caught off guard by the resignation but that Roy had been thinking about it for a few weeks.
Stay tuned for an opinion piece on whether or not Avalanche are better or worse without Roy in the front office/behind the bench.


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