The Best is Yet to Come for Jaden Schwartz

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By Jason Garrick

St. Louis Blues Writer


So the Blues and Jaden Schwartz finally agree to a deal for five years and 26.75 Million dollars.

Last year Jaden missed 49 games due to an ankle injury in which he had to have pins in his legs. So he played in 33 games, and his stat line was eight goals, 14 Assists, and 22 points, pretty solid considering the circumstance. As for his postseason, he had four goals, 10 assists, and 14 pts with a -5 +/-. So all around a solid postseason for the 24-year-old. And it would seem that it’s a solid contract for a solid player, although in his career as a Blue, he has 70 Goals, 87 assists, and 157 points in 240 games with a 46 +/-.


We would then need to compare his numbers to that of Filip Forsberg, who this offseason received a six years 36 million dollar deal with a difference of a year and 600,000. What are Filip’s numbers? In his career, he has played 180 games scored 60 goals, with 73 assists, 133 points, and 3 +/- at the age of 21. In a difference of 80 games which is almost, a full season, Schwartz has out-performed Forsberg by ten goals, 14 assists, 24 points and is a + 43 in +/- vs. Not forgetting to mention Forsberg is three years younger and the Blues received a 600,000 dollar discount? I am not as blown away or swayed that the Blues got a steal. Schwartz was hurt for 49 games, but even still, that would in theory only tie or surpass Forsberg’s numbers very marginally. I think the Blues could have saved more with the deal, but overall it’s a solid deal for a solid player.Which is, unfortunately, the truth about Schwartz is that he has been good but not great, and he was drafted ahead of Vladimir Tarasenko.

I do believe we have yet to see the best of Schwartz, but he’s getting up in age, and it would be important to see it sooner rather than later for the Blues sake. Now more than ever Schwartz needs to contribute more with the departure of David Backes and  Troy Brouwer, which remains to be seen. I’ll give the Blues a B + on this deal.


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