George McPhee Named Vegas GM

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By Kiffin McGinnis
Las Vegas Writer
Los Angeles Kings Writer

George McPhee, the new General Manager of the freshly minted Las Vegas hockey team, has some work ahead of him. In 342 days, he (or someone) will be announcing the players drafted in the first NHL expansion draft of the Salary Cap Era. Between now and then, he has staff to hire, scouting to do, players to interview, and an arena to visit.

McPhee is a proven winner, with 7 Southeast Division (pre-realignment) Titles under his belt, the honor of drafting one of the best players of the modern era, and giving Bruce Budreau a job that allowed him to go on a cursing tirade on HBO. Interestingly, he also scored a playoff goal as a player before he ever scored a regular season goal; the more you know.

To Bill Foley’s credit, he has hired a GM that dumped bad contracts and rebuilt his salary before the salary cap had even been instituted. If McPhee can find the right staff to finish this jigsaw puzzle, we may find ourselves in the Era of the Las Vegas strip playoff parade. Vegas fans, Bill Foley says McPhee “is our man…”. He may be right.


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