Overall Team Trade Scores (As of now) (First 15 teams)

By Bobby Bauders

Anaheim Ducks: A-

That Hagelin pick up was crucial to making the Ducks faster up front, great trade. The Palmieri looks pretty average on paper, but the second round pick they got in that trade was used in the Hagelin trade. Essentially, Palmieri was traded for Hagelin, plus additional assets. Etem was also involved in that trade.

Arizona Coyotes: B-

The Coyotes only made one trade, and it makes sense to help them with the cap floor, but kills them on the ice. But hey, it inches them closer to hometown boy Auston Matthews. Coyotes acquire Chris Pronger from the Flyers in exchange for Sam Gagner.

Boston Bruins: A-

To say that Don Sweeney pissed of Boston is an understatement. Trading Lucic and Hamilton, then using their picks on “the wrong players,” as some Bruins fans put it, doesn’t really make you a fan favorite in Bean Town. Sorry Bruins fans, those trades weren’t as awful as you all think. Hamilton didn’t like his teammates, and probably would not have re-signed, and Milan Lucic isn’t the 2010 Milan Lucic we all knew and “loved.” Considering what the Bruins got in return, and the situation at hand, not bad.

Buffalo Sabres: A+

The Sabres absolutely rocked it this weekend. After their trades, they’ve got depth at center, and a proven starting goaltender. If Eichel decides to play another year in the NCAA, the Sabres won’t be too terrible now that they’ve got O’Reilly AND Legwand. Now if Eichel decides to come to the pros, watch out members of the Atlantic Division, you’ve got yet ANOTHER potential playoff team to deal with. (How about the Atlantic Division? Habs, Sens, and Bolts in the playoffs plus the Bruins narrowly missing? Props to you guys.)

Calgary Flames: A

Great pickup in Dougie Hamilton. Giving up 3 high draft picks isn’t easy, but it’s money well spent.

Carolina Hurricanes: B

The Hurricanes didn’t do anything spectacular or horrible. Pretty average trading. But now they’ve got more defense behind Faulk with Wisniewski, and figured out what to do with Khudobin.

Chicago Blackhawks: D+

Picking up a backup goaltender should not be at the top of Chicago’s list. That’s why they have Scott Darling. Getting out of cap hell should be their priority, and they still have Sharp, they still have Saad, and they still have Bickell. Something’s wrong with this picture. Well, Stan Bowman’s got about 3 days to figure that out, good luck!

Colorado Avalanche: A-

The Avs made a necessary move to dump O’Reilly. He hated playing in Colorado. You don’t need a player who hates playing with you, duh! Plus, they got a pretty good return.

Columbus Blue Jackets: n/a

They were only involved in draft pick trades.

Dallas Stars: A+

Assuming Niemi signs with the Stars, great pickup to relieve Kari Lehtonen.

Detroit Red Wings: n/a

Edmonton Oilers: A-

The Oilers picked up Cam Talbot for a very low price. With McDavid, Hall, and Talbot in Edmonton, the future looks bright for Alberta.

Florida Panthers: C

That Zach Hyman for Greg McKegg trade was average.

Los Angeles Kings: C-

If Lucic decides to play hockey on the ice instead of the penalty box, great trade! If not, well you’re out of first round pick in one of the deepest drafts in history. Congratulations.

Minnesota Wild: n/a


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