Is Kessel getting ready to Betray Ontario?

By Bobby Bauders


Phil Kessel is leaving Toronto. That’s a given. Rather it’s during the draft, during the offseason, in December, or at the deadline. He will not be a of the Toronto Maple Leafs by the next time a new Stanley Cup Champion is crowned. The question still stands: Where does he go? The Montreal Canadiens would be an interesting, and surprisingly effective destination.


Montreal gets:

Phil Kessel – Winger

2016 3rd Round Draft Pick – Toronto


Toronto gets:

David Desharnais – Center

2015 1st Round Draft Pick – Montreal

2015 6th Round Draft Pick – Montreal

2016 2nd Round Draft Pick – Montreal


This seems like a crazy blockbuster trade. It is. It works for both sides though. Montreal gets a another scorer to its offense. Toronto gets draft picks to rebuild. The Habs also get to dump salary in Desharnais. This trade makes a lot of sense to me, which is why I give it a 80% chance of both sides accepting it.


One thought on “Is Kessel getting ready to Betray Ontario?

  1. It works beside the part where teams don’t really trade with teams in the same division as them, and even less with a rival team. Given that, the chances of that trade happening drop below 1%.


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