Could Oshie be a Penguin?

By Bobby Bauders


It’s no secret that the Pittsburgh Penguins are looking for a top 6 winger. It’s also no secret that the St. Louis Blues are trying to trade T.J. Oshie so they can re-sign Vladimir Tarasenko. It’s like a match made in hockey heaven!


Pittsburgh gets:

T.J. Oshie – Winger

2015 5th Round Draft Pick – St. Louis


St. Louis gets:

Beau Bennett – Winger

Chris Kunitz – Winger

Anton Zlobin – Winger

2016 3rd Round Draft Pick – Pittsburgh


Both teams get what they want without giving up too much. Pittsburgh may think they’re overpaying a little with that 3rd round pick, but I think they’ll look past it. The Pens get their top six winger while getting rid of Kunitz, who is aging, and getting rid of Bennett who seems to be made of glass. The Blues get to re-sign Tarasenko, while getting a decent pick and prospects in return. I give this a 60% chance.


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