Will the Steel City become Kessel City?

By Bobby Bauders


Obviously the Pittsburgh Penguins would call the Toronto Maple Leafs to ask about Phil Kessel. They’re in need of a top 6 winger, and he’s definitely top 6. Pittsburgh’s hesitation is probably Kessel’s contract and trade terms. The Leafs have apparently told the Pens they want a young D-man (example: Harrington, Pouliot, Maatta). I can tell you right now there’s now way the Pens trade Maatta. For the right price, Pouliot could find himself in a Leafs jersey.


Pittsburgh gets:

Phil Kessel – Winger

2015 2nd Round Draft Pick – Toronto


Toronto gets:

Chris Kunitz – Winger

Derrick Pouliot – Defenseman

Beau Bennett – Winger

Rob Scuderi – Defenseman

2016 5th Round Draft Pick – Pittsburgh


I give this trade a 55% chance of happening. Most likely it would happen tomorrow at the 2015 NHL Entry Draft. The Leafs may ask for Brandon Sutter instead of Kunitz. If that’s the case, Pittsburgh will ask for a 4th round draft pick this year. Scuderi will have to waive his NTC, but he may do that for the opportunity to play for Mike Babcock. Sometimes a change in scenery is what a player needs. Also, in Toronto and Boston, Kessel wasn’t playing alongside Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin. Imagine the points he puts up with other true superstars.


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