Phil Kessel: Savior of Desert Hockey?

By Bobby Bauders


First off, no. This trade is not going to happen. Kessel will not accept a trade to Arizona given the drama with the Glendale City Council. Under better circumstances, this trade could happen. As of now, no. I’ve read rumors that the Toronto Maple Leafs and Arizona Coyotes have already discussed a Kessel trade, but was decline because Kessel would not accept a trade to the Yotes.


Arizona gets:

Phil Kessel – Winger

Tyler Bozak – Center

2015 3rd/4th Round Draft Pick – Toronto


Toronto gets:

Mark Arcobello – Center

2015 3rd Overall – Arizona

2016 1st Round Draft Pick – New York Rangers


Again, this trade has about a 5% chance of happening. I thought I’d post it anyway just to see what you guys thought. If Kessel didn’t have his NTC, it’d be around a 60%-70% chance of happening.


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