Minny could be in on Kessel

By Bobby Bauders


The Toronto Maple Leafs want Phil Kessel gone. Kessel wants to be gone. Could Minnesota suit both their desires? Maybe. Probably not. But maybe. Toronto wants a goalie. Minnesota now has an overly-confident goalie in Devan Dubnyk, who’s trade value has no doubt sky rocketed.


Minnesota gets:

Phil Kessel – Winger

2015 3rd Round Draft Pick – Toronto


Toronto gets:

Devan Dubnyk – Goalie

Jason Pominville – Winger

2015 4th Round Draft Pick – Minnesota


The Leafs want younger players, and I think they’d settle with Pominville. He’s a great scorer. Just imagine what he’d do under Mike Babcock.


Overall, I think this trade has a 20% chance of happening. The Wild really don’t want to give up Devan Dubnyk, who’s proven himself to be worth more than the 3rd round pick Minnesota acquired him for.


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